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Webslice Serverless - Overview

Webslice Serverless is a hosting platform that makes it incredibly easy to host dynamic, and CMS driven websites and applications. On other serverless platforms hosting dynamic content is either complicated, expensive, only works in very specific scenarios, or even impossible.

We want Webslice Serverless to be as close as possible to a drop in replacement for traditional web hosting, virtual servers or container based hosting.

Why Webslice Serverless?

Our serverless platform gives you all the benefits of serverless hosting alongside our own features and quality of life improvements to make it feel as easy to use as a Container or VM. Here’s a few of the key features of the platform:

  • Near instant and vast scaling, for your website and database from thousands of concurrent users to zero.
  • No infrastructure to patch or maintain.
  • Pay only for what you use, tracked per website.
  • Easily deploy via git or standard uploads, with zero downtime.
  • One click to enable the global CDN and SSL.
  • Build and Release commands during deployment.
  • Plenty more…