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Managing SSH Keys

SSH Keys are the recommended way to grant user access to your containers and can be easily created, updated and deleted at any time in the Webslice Console, via the SSH + SFTP section.

Once you have added your SSH Key it can be either create a new SSH/SFTP user or update an existing user to use that key.

If you update an existing SSH Key all users using that key will be automatically updated as well - making maintaining your SSH keys or revoking access quick and easy.

Imported SSH Keys

In some cases an SSH key may be imported from a container to the Webslice Console. This is expected, and helps ensure you know what keys can access your containers at all times.

When SSH keys are imported and were not added via the Console they will be prefixed with the name cc-import-. This indicates that they have been auto-imported. You can manage and modify these imported keys as normal.

One example where this may happen is if our support team manually adds an SSH key for debugging purposes (or by request) to a user, which will cause the key to be imported later.