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Swapping Images

It’s simple to change the image that your container is running. You can get the job done in a couple of minutes, with only 5-10 seconds of downtime as your container is restarted.

When would you want to swap an image? There are two main scenarios:

  • When there’s an upgrade available for a part of your stack, like your database or language.
  • When you want to switch one piece of software for another - for example from PHP 7 to PHP 8, or from Apache to Nginx.

Either way, the process is quick and easy in the Webslice Console. There’s no need to delete or reconfigure the container.

Integrated container images: Because we manage Integrated Containers, you cannot change or upgrade their images.

How to Update or Change a Container’s Image

When you view your list of containers, you’ll see which ones (if any) are ready to upgrade.

Within each container’s Settings, you have the option to Switch Image. This opens a list of options to choose from.

Configuration Files Are Retained

During the swap, your current configuration files (like Apache, for example) will be migrated to the updated container. When that’s not useful, for example if you’re moving from Apache to Nginx, you will see a warning. We’ll keep a backup of your old config in case you need to rollback for any reason.

In that scenario you’ll need to update the new configuration with any customizations that you need, for example if you’ve modified thread or worker counts.