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Upgrading Servers

If your server is getting too full or starting to slow down, upgrading to a larger server is quick and easy. You’ll find the Upgrade option when you view the server in the Webslice Console. You can upgrade to any server package that’s larger than your current one.

When you upgrade your server, all your Containers, Volumes, databases and SSH/SFTP users are kept exactly as they are.

After you’ve started the upgrade process, your server will continue to run as normal as its memory, disk, and file system are resized in the background. This will only take a few minutes at most, and you can track progress in the Recent Activity table.

Once the upgrade is ready to apply, the server needs to be rebooted. Because this will lead to a small amount of downtime, you are in control of when the reboot happens.

Once your upgraded server is online you can see how the expanded capacity changes its load and performance. You can also add more Containers.