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Relabelling Containers

Every Container’s name, or label, is also its primary website address. By renaming or relabeling a Container, you change its domain name. Changing names will not change or lose any other settings.

You cannot rename Integrated Containers.

How to Relabel a Container

Within each container’s settings, you’ll find an Edit Label button. The new label needs to be a valid domain.

After a Container is Relabelled

  • The container will be restarted.
  • If SSL is enabled, a new certificate will be issued.
  • The container’s old name will be converted into a domain alias.

Domain aliases and www

When you change the hostname, we will usually add an alias with the www. prefix for you. So if you change your Container’s name to, then will be added as an additional host.

If SSL is enabled - which it should be - we will only add this alias for you if it is currently active. We make this check because otherwise the SSL certificate might not successfully renew in the future. If your www. alias, or any other, is missing, you can always add extra aliases later.