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Backing Up Containers

Every container on the Webslice platform is automatically backed up once a day. You can also take manual backups whenever you need to. Every backup is securely stored separately from your server.

For each container, backups include these directories:

  • application
  • config
  • crontabs

Restoring a backup is a one-click process if you have Business or Premier Support & Management, otherwise there are separate steps to go through for applications, databases and config files.

Manually Backing Up a Container

It’s very quick to start a new manual backup. For large containers, backups might take a few minutes to complete.

  1. From the main Containers screen, open the container you want to back up.
  2. Open the container’s Backups tab.
  3. Enter a Label or name to make it easy to identify your backup later.
  4. Click Backup Now.

You will see a progress indicator while your backup is performed, and a confirmation message once it is finished.

Accessing Your Backups

Every container’s folder structure includes a backups folder. This is accessible to SSH/SFTP users.

If you have Business or Premier Support & Management, backups are also listed in the Webslice Console, in each container’s Backups tab.