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Managing Databases

The Databases module in the Webslice Console is where you can:

  • See a list of all your databases, sortable by name, version, or server.
  • Open screens to manage databases and users.
  • Add new databases.
  • Modify backup locations.
  • Remove databases.

Using PHPMyAdmin to view Databases Through Your Browser

To view or manage your database through your browser, you need to have a PHPMyAdmin container as well as your database container.

To create this container, go through the normal process and find the PHPMyAdmin option under Integrated Containers. You won’t be able to edit its label.

Logging into PHPMyAdmin

Staying in the Webslice Console, navigate to the Database that you want to work with. Click Database Admin to open the PHPMyAdmin interface.

Login with the same credentials as an existing database user, and you are good to go.

Database Backups

When you create a new database, you select a separate container as a backup location. You can always change this backup location later.

The same location is used for daily automatic backups and for any manual backups that you trigger.

Wherever your database backups are stored, you’ll find them within that container’s backups directory.

The exact process for manually restoring backups depends on the database version.