Webslice Serverless

Incredibly scalable hosting without the complications

Finally, a serverless hosting platform that's easy to use, friendly to PHP and dynamic sites, and fully elastic.

Serverless - Scale up to suit your needs

Stays fast when you’re busy, shrinks bills in quiet times

The Webslice Serverless platform gives you easy access to truly elastic hosting. Serve any number of instances of your site or app at any time. You set the parameters, then Webslice Serverless dials resources up and down as traffic arrives.

Keep your sites fast and available for every visitor, even if they're all there at once, and never pay for resources you don’t need.

Connect your GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket repository for direct deployment.


Manage as many projects and websites as you need, all in one place.

Choose from locations all around the globe.

Easily monitor and manage your serverless sites

  • Track performance and resource usage.

  • Change your sites' maximum and minimum concurrency.

  • Select and change PHP versions.

  • Manage team members.

Webslice console serverless, settings - light mode

Save time with features like these

  • One-click SSL.

  • Automatic backups.

  • Create and manage databases.

  • Store and re-use build and release scripts.

Webslice console serverless, overview - light mode
Register for the Public Beta

Join a select group of developers who will soon see what's possible with Webslice Serverless.

The real magic: AWS, but easy to use

Webslice Serverless is built on AWS. The heavy lifting is all done. You don't need to worry about complicated architectural decisions, or managing multiple services, or complex billing. We've taken care of all the hard stuff.

We've been making hosting easy to use for 20 years. You manage everything through the Webslice Serverless console. It's powerful, friendly, and flexible - AWS made easy.

Pick an AWS region and then never think about servers, or serverless, or any other infrastructure again.


Run serverless PHP stacks, including WordPress, without static site requirements or other hassles.

Use one console to manage all your hosting - concurrency limits, SSL, backups, databases, and more.

Go serverless without the learning curve

Before now, serverless hosting has been inaccessible to a lot of developers. Complex architecture and other complications, like rendering static copies of websites, were too much of a hassle.

But now you can go serverless without stitching together dozens of web services for yourself, and without changing your development routines. There's a lot to gain.

The Webslice Serverless platform is your easy way into truly elastic hosting. Bring your sites as they are, set your own parameters, then Webslice Serverless dials resources up and down as required.