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Managing SSH/SFTP Users

In the Webslice Console, open SSH + SFTP from the main menu. From here you will find everything you need to manage all of your SSH/SFTP users. Users can be easily created, updated and deleted at any time, but there’s a few helpful things to know outlined below.

Creating SSH/SFTP Users

Creating new users is easy and will only take a few seconds.

  • We strongly recommend using SSH Keys rather than passwords, and the password fields are optional if an SSH Key is selected. If you do use a password make it a strong one.
  • We recommend using unique users per container, rather than giving a user access to lots of containers. It is simply more secure, and you won’t have to think about user privileges.
  • The Volumes Only access type is useful for restricting access to a specific folder, or providing a safe place to upload files (like PDFs) without exposing access to the full container.
  • By default, users are created with write access to configuration files (such as the Apache config), turning on Read Only Config can be used to lock down who can edit config files.
  • Users can be given access to Web, Service and Application type containers, they cannot be created for Integrated container types.

Updating SSH/SFTP Users

Users can be modified at any time, and all options can be changed after creation. Be aware that when a user is updated any active sessions will be terminated.

Deleting SSH/SFTP Users

Removing users is quick, easy, and destructive.

  • As soon as you delete a user all data within the user’s home directory (excluding container data) will be permanently deleted.
  • Any active SSH/SFTP sessions will be terminated.
  • Container and Volume data is safe and will never be impacted by deleting a user.