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Managing Database Users

The Webslice Console lets you quickly add or remove database users, or update permissions and passwords.

How to Manage Database Users

Whatever you’d like to do, the first step is to open Databases from the main menu. From here you can go into whichever database you’d like to work with. Here you’ll find a list of all the database’s current users, and tools to add and remove users, update permissions and change passwords.

Adding New Users

Giving one user access to multiple databases creates a security risk. If credentials are leaked, one breach can compromise more than one application. It is safest to give each user access to only one database.

Removing Users

The process to remove users only affects the database you are working with. If the same user has access to other databases, that access will still be in place. To fully remove the user from the server, you need to remove them from each database individually.