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To make it easy to collaborate with others, the Webslice Console lets you manage and join teams. Every server on the Webslice Containers platform or project on Webslice Serverless is controlled by a team (even if it’s only a team of one). Once you’ve signed up to Webslice you can invite people to your team, and you can join as many other teams as you need to.

By default, you will be admin of a team of your own. If you’ve joined other teams, you can switch between them from the Console header. If you ever can’t find a server, container or project, make sure you’ve selected the right team.


You can assign roles to decide whether team members have admin rights (which lets them do things like invite new team members), or access to billing information.

By default, new team members are assigned the ‘Developer’ role, with no admin rights or billing access. Admins can change this in the table of team members.

Adding and Removing Team Members

Within the Team Settings screen, you’ll be able to view current members and (if you have admin rights) add or remove members. Any actions you take will be added to the Activity Log.

Teams can have as many team members as you like. Invitations are sent via email, so you can invite people whether or not they already have a Webslice account. For anyone already using Webslice, make sure you invite them using the email address that they use to log in.

If you join Webslice via an invitation from an existing team, then your new account will be attached to two teams - the one that you were invited to, and a new team of your own. You will be the only member of this second team.

Activity Log

Within Team Settings, an Activity Log shows you what changes have been made to the team, who by, and when.

Webslice Support and Team Membership

Sometimes the best way for our Support Team to help solve a customer’s issue is to access your Console. In this case, members of our Support Team can temporarily add themselves to your team. You’ll always be informed if someone is taking this step, and their membership of your team will auto-expire after a few hours.

This makes it very transparent when someone from Webslice accesses your account. You’ll temporarily see the Support Team member in your list of team members, and your Activity log will show you when they joined and left.