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Image Update

Choose from over 50 images, and change what your container is running in seconds. Easily test new environments, frameworks or language versions.

Simple Deployment

Access containers via SSH/SFTP and upload your files directly, or add git credentials and pull directly from your remote repositories.


Apache + PHP 8.1

My Server One

Frankfurt, Germany


2 Cores

4GB Memory

80GB Storage

TLS 1.3


Caching On






Webslice. It's about time

Choose containers or serverless technology and see how easy, fast, and flexible it can be. Both our global platforms are built on robust infrastructure, with a feature-packed console that values your time as much as you do.

Webslice Containers

Join over 16,000 websites on a platform that lets you run as many independent, flexible environments as you need. One account, your own servers, dozens of pre-built images, and no technical headaches. You control it all.

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Webslice Serverless

Finally, serverless hosting that's PHP-friendly, easy to use, and simple to set up. Webslice Serverless is truly elastic hosting that stays fast when you’re busy, and shrinks bills in quiet times. Register for the Public Beta now.

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We've been in the industry for over 20 years. We have thousands of happy customers, one of the highest-rated support teams you'll find anywhere, and the technical expertise to take a lot of stress off your shoulders. With Webslice on your side you can spend more time building great things for your clients, and less time worrying about servers and infrastructure.

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  • If there is a problem with the hardware or environment I don’t need to wake up to deal with it. This used to be a significant point of stress for me and made it hard to go away on trips. So I would say peace of mind is one of the biggest factors.

    Karl von Randow
    Co-founder, Cactuslab
    Karl von Randow - Co-founder, Cactuslab
  • Our move to you has put our Silverstripe websites on fast, reliable infrastructure, with the confidence knowing everything will be kept up to date and secure. Support has incredible response times and often go above and beyond.

    Joe L.
    Senior Developer, PS/Digital
    Joe L-Senior Developer PS Digital
  • We have hundreds of containers on multiple servers. Their uptime is amazing - I can't recall us having a hardware-related outage over the past 4 years we have used them for our hosting.

    Andrew Mahon
    Agency Director
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