About Us

Hi, we're the Webslice team

After two decades of success on our home turf we've got the experience, the technology, and the ambition to bring better hosting to the rest of the world.


Your experience starts with our experience

Webslice may be a new name to you, but we have a lot of history behind us. We got started in our home market of New Zealand in 2004, and today we're the largest locally-owned hosting company there.

We've always wanted to help web developers and agencies work faster and more efficiently. For a number of years, we have been doing everything we can to make containerised hosting as fast and easy as possible. Our platform, running in a range of global locations, has evolved to host over 16,000 websites today.

With Webslice Containers we're taking this robust, well-supported and proven platform to the world. Webslice Containers launched in 2024 with seven years of development and innovation built in.

The same smart team has also been working with newer technology to bring a brand new, scalable hosting platform to the world. Webslice Serverless will have years of testing and expertise built into it from day one.

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Your world is where we do our best work

We’re not here to reinvent the internet. We’re here to make it easier to run the stacks that already work for you.

You're not here to fit into rigid platforms. Tools should flex to the way that you work. You can see that in both our platforms:

  • Standardization is never perfect. Different projects need different stacks. We've pre-built dozens of images for Webslice Containers so you can run as many different environments as you need.

  • While languages and frameworks never stay still, most of today’s websites are built in PHP. That's why Webslice Serverless is a PHP-first platform.


Your aspirations fuel our curiosity

We're nerdy so we gravitate towards interesting new technology. When we find something original and valuable, the serious work begins.

It takes balance to support today's developers with new innovations. Take serverless hosting, which emerged with a big bang but major limitations. On the plus side: Massive scalability, less waste, and no thinking about servers. But steep learning curves and barriers to PHP are issues.

So we're bringing the futuristic promises of serverless tech to you. Webslice Serverless is for PHP developers (and others) who don't want to change paradigms or redesign workflows. We solve problems so you can reap rewards.

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The things people say about us...

  • We have hundreds of containers on multiple servers. Their uptime is amazing - I can't recall us having a hardware-related outage over the past 4 years we have used them for our hosting.

    Andrew Mahon
    Agency Director
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  • By far the most reliable and competent hosting company we have used.

    Andy D.
    Customer and reviewer
    AD - avatar
  • As a website development company, we've used a number of hosting and domain management companies over the last 20 years and this is without a doubt the best we've ever encountered.

    Slice of Pie
    Digital agency
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Your productivity is our yardstick

We measure our own success by how effectively you get things done on our hosting platforms. Every hour of every day, our Support Team puts this into action.

When you open a ticket or email us, we answer in hours (or minutes) rather than days. Then we work on the problem until we know it's solved. The ultimate measure of our success is whether you are free to work on the things that matter most to your clients.

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Compare our two great hosting platforms

Two different types of hosting technology - containers and serverless - made easy to use, developer-friendly, fast and secure.

  • Webslice Containers mean faster websites and fewer worries. They're a flexible way to run multiple environments without complications. This rock-solid platform already hosts 16,000+ sites.

  • Webslice Serverless stretches but never breaks with elastic PHP-friendly hosting. Stays fast when you’re busy, and shrink bills in quiet times. No steep learning curves, and no static rendering.