Launching Webslice at CloudFest was literally a rollercoaster

A minute to pitch Webslice Containers? Easy! On a rollercoaster? Maybe not...


CloudFest 2024 wasn’t only one of the biggest and best events in the world of infrastructure. It was also where we officially announced the arrival of Webslice.


As well as having hundreds of great conversations on the conference floor, CloudFest gave us the chance to introduce Webslice in a few other ways.

When it comes to pitching a start-up, there’s always pressure. And it’s no surprise that CloudFest dialled that pressure up, in its own special way. 

Did we mention that CloudFest takes place in a massive amusement park?

Here’s our Technical Director, Quintin, doing his best to introduce you to Webslice Containers…while riding a roller coaster.

Quintin reckons he did alright, given the circumstances. But just in case you missed what he was trying to say, here’s what he was trying to get out:

Hello, or as we say in New Zealand, Kia Ora. You'll be pleased to know that I'm not here today to pitch you AI.

Developing software just keeps getting more and more complex, doesn’t it? Docker, CI/CD, Ansible, Kubernetes….who has time for all that? At Webslice we are bringing it back to basics, letting you focus on what matters to your customers: Your application. It’s about time.

Every year businesses spend millions of hours on devops tasks. That is time you could be spending on features for your customers. Or riding a roller coaster at CloudFest.

Webslice is a platform that values your time. If you're looking for a Cloud Platform that is fast, easy to use and saves you time, check out or come by for a chat. It's about time.

Webslice might be new, but we've been speeding up web developers with hosting solutions for 20 years.

Speaking of time, I think that is about enough listening to me, I am about to go over the edge… 

If you met the team on the conference floor, you would have heard even more about how much time Webslice Containers could save you. Or, if you missed CloudFest, check out our rollercoaster-free, but still quite exciting, Webslice Containers web page.

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